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Whether you’re looking for loose leaf, packet tea, or organic varieties, we have it all! Visit our online shop and place an order today to experience the variety, quality, and flavor of our teas.

Seasonal Collection

Cha Topia offers seasonal collections that are fresh and perfect for any occasion or celebration! Treat yourself to a fresh batch of Chinese tea and enjoy the delicate flavor and smooth taste. You won’t regret it!

Organically Sourced,
Beautifully Served

Experience Chinese Tea like you’ve never before! From the freshest organic green tea to the most fragrant oolong, tea sourced from the best organic farms in China is of the highest quality—and the flavor is simply unbeatable. The opportunity to experience such amazing tea is one that can’t be passed up!

Whether you’re a fan of green tea, oolong, or white tea, Chinese tea is sure to impress. The robust flavor and beautiful aroma of Chinese tea makes it a joy to sip. You can even explore brewing craftsmanship with a variety of artisanal teas to create a truly unique experience. 

Wonderland for Those Who Love Chinese Tea

From the ancient tea producing regions of the Yunnan Province to the more well-known Fujian Province, Chinese tea has become world-renowned in its complexity, variety, and flavor. From green and oolong to jasmine and white, Chinese tea can be found in many shapes and sizes, allowing tea lovers to sample the full range of the drink’s flavors. 

Tea Subscription

A great way for those who are novice tea drinkers to slowly introduce themselves to the intoxicating world of Chinese teas, while for the more experienced tea drinker it could be an exciting way to discover rare and unique teas that are not available anywhere else. With a tea subscription, you will be constantly surprised and delighted with each and every order as you explore the depths of fine Chinese tea.

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Chinese tea has become popular for its precious and graceful aroma, which has surged in demand from tea lovers all over the world. Whether one is looking for a tasty hot cup of tea or some cold, refreshing iced tea, Chinese tea is a fantastic choice. 

The Best Way to Enjoy Tea from China

It’s no exaggeration to say that tea has been a part of Chinese culture since antiquity — with a history stretching back as far as the Han dynasty...

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