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Chinese Tea is an ancient and iconic drink in China,  and we take great care to select the right tea varieties to be harvested and nurtured to perfection. We pride ourselves on offering the freshest and best quality Chinese tea available worldwide in an efficient and professional manner. 

Family Tea Farm in Fujian, China

We use sustainable and traditional methods to give Chinese Tea its distinct authentic flavor profile and our wealth of knowledge and experience to give the tea the perfect aroma, maximising its effect.

Our tea distributors come in to action right after our farmers have finished their work. With the right care and an eye for expertise, we transport the tea from the fields to the sites of production and wholesale sales around the world.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to delivering the highest quality Chinese Tea to our customers. We promise to always source the freshest and finest ingredients, sustainable farming techniques, and to respect the regulations of our industry. 


100% Organic

Our sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices offer an amazing variety of flavors and scents, allowing tea drinkers to experience the vibrant flavors of Chinese tea in a unique and healthful way.


Fair Trade

Fair Trade ensures that farmers, artisans, and producers receive a fair price for their goods and services. Through Fair Trade, we are committed that our staff farmers and distributors have the opportunity to earn a living wage and contribute to their communities. 


High Quality

High quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to Chinese tea. People from all corners of the world travel to China to experience the unique and exquisite flavors quality tea has to offer. The Chinese tea experience is unparalleled.


Always Fresh

The aroma of fresh tea leaves fill the air and makes the mouth starts to water. Then the bright colors of the tea makes everything look brighter and exciting. The liquid is smooth with subtle and deep flavors, giving drinkers a unique experience. Depending on the type of tea, it can be sweet, earthy, and even a bit spicy.

Only The Best Quality of Tea

Only the best-quality teas, carefully picked in season and processed by the most experienced tea-masters, are selected and expertly blended by tea artisans to provide the most exquisite and memorable tea experiences. The results are simply sublime: a rich and complex tea that reveals something new with each sip. Each cup is a unique journey, filled with flavor, aroma, and the resonant pleasure that only comes from enjoying tea made by those who know Chinese tea best.

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Our south Florida distributors are available to meet locally or at special events. Please contact to make arrangement.

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