Da Hong Pao



Da Hong Pao, as all other Wuyi rock teas do, originates from the steep cliffs of the Wuyi mountains in the north of Fujian province in China. Wuyi's steep cliffs are overgrown by bamboo forests, numerous rivers, with relatively high humidity, this region offers perfect conditions for wild and cultivated tea. Since old tea trees in more remote areas are difficult to access and have lower yields compared to plantation bushes, Da Hong Pao produced from these trees can be very, very expensive.

Da Hong Pao is quite dark red-brown in color. Depending on how evenly the tea has been oxidized and roasted you may find purple, red or even green tips within the dry leaves. The leaves are curled rather than rolled, and when wet, the leaves are olive green with darker shades of red or purple on their edges.

8.8 oz. (250 grams)


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